Car Seat Side Gap Cup Holder Auto Truck Food Drink Water Bottle Phone Holder Vehicle Beverage Organizer Stand

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  • For drivers and passengers, the front and rear seats can be taken into account without occupying the space inside the car.
  • There are four diameter of the bottom cup, which can be placed more types of cup drinks.
  • The middle square is the trash seat, can place the handset, the cigarette and small articles.
  • There are two small holes to put the pen.


  • Color: Black
  • Material: PP
  • Size: approx. 280*210*100mm/11.02*8.26*3.93”
  • Cup seat caliber: approx. 90 mm/3.54”
  • Hole Depth: approx. 60mm/2.36”
  • Bottle bottom diameter: 88mm/3.46”, 85mm/3.34”, 75mm/2.95”, 69mm/2.71”


  • For safety, please check whether the product is loose before driving, if necessary, must be fixed, so as to avoid the risk of driving.
Package: 1 x Car Truck Food Water Mount